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Treat yourself in our Spa-quality range of cosmetics. From your regular face cleansers to your feet soothing balms, we’ve got you covered. Our products are artisanal, biodegradable and aromatherapeutic. They are part of “clean living” and don’t  just make you look better; they help you achieve greater health and wellness.


Tailor-made ornaments for your home and person, from your African ceramic oil diffuser to customized gift bags, we’ve got you covered.  Get the best trends at the best prices and get your order delivered to your doorstep anywhere within Zimbabwe.

About the Brand

“EuTia is a Vaeun Chem owned brand, which offers its customers a unique luxurious product portfolio.  It’s youthful unique  range of beauty and health products are tailored for all body, skin and hair types. Our products are  artisanal, holistic, biodegradable  and aroma-therapeutic. They’re part of “clean living” and don’t just make you look better; they help you achieve greater health and wellness.”

Customers reviews

My skin had stubborn black spots to which I had tried using different products with no lasting result until I was introduced to EuTia products by a friend. Since I started using the EuTia Organo oil, the blackspots I had completely disappeared within a few weeks of use.
I've been using EuTia Hairline oil for a little over 3 weeks now and I am satisfied with the results. My damaged hairline is actually growing back. I had resorted to using head bands and styles that cover the hairline. I can finally style my hair however I want without fear of exposing a terrible hairline
Lisa Kuni
The service and team are just amazing. I had my products delivered at my door and it took less than 24 hours to get the parcel. It was impressive. Keep up the amazing service level @eutiabrands.
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